Edwin Kwan

Head of Cyber Advisory and Application Security

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Edwin Kwan is a DevSecOps advocate and strong believer in having a developer focused approached towards embedding security into the software development life cycle. Trained as a software engineer, he transitioned into security and now heads up the application security and security advisory teams at an Australian financial services company. Edwin has also presented at several events, including RSA, AISA, AllDayDevOps, AppSec Day, OWASP and DevSecOps Leadership Forums.

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Future of Security, Sydney 2024
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Assessing the Evolving Threat Landscape: Preparing for the Criminal Use of AI and Quantum
Cyber Leaders Panel Discussion: Preparing for Sophisticated Threat Actors, Transformative Technologies and Evolving Regulatory Requirements
Future of Security, Melbourne 2024
22 August 2023
  • Crown Towers Melbourne
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