Future of Security, Sydney 2023

30 August 2023 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hilton Sydney
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

Building a Cyber Resilient Organisation that Prevents Cyber Attacks and Mitigates Risk

The Future of Security, Sydney is FST Media’s dedicated security forum for New South Wales, exploring the most pressing issues of cybersecurity, resilience and diligence in the financial services industry.

Cyber-attacks remain the most difficult threat and risk in the financial services industry despite significant advances by the sector to boost cyber defence, vigilance and resilience. Cybercriminals are one step ahead of the game, increasing their malicious attacks’ precision, sophistication and intensity and taking up digital products and services, providing ample opportunity for cybercrime.

Join us as we help you navigate the key post-pandemic trends in 2023, including digital transformation accelerating cyber-attacks, data security concerns with the next phase of Open Banking, and partnering with key stakeholders and financial regulators to shape security practices.

Featured Topics:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Open Banking and Data Security
  • Digital Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Intelligence and Management
  • Breach Detection and Prevention
  • Mobility and Device Security
  • Data Protection and Information Governance
  • Cybersecurity and Resilience
  • DevSecOps
  • Financial Services Innovation
  • SOC Innovations

We are thrilled to add two new zones to our upcoming conference, offering attendees an even wider range of high-level conversations and invaluable insights.

Zone 1: Data Security

Attendees to this zone can expect high-level conversations on:

– Using unified data controls for security, privacy, governance and compliance
– Breaking organisational silos for increased data visibility
– Protecting data through automated systems that discover security misconfigurations

Zone 2: Cyber Resilience

Attendees to this zone can expect high-level conversations on:
– Protecting their organisations from threats through identity-centred cyber resilience strategies
– Implementing proactive measures that mitigate risk and improve your security posture
– Identifying, responding and recovering from IT security incidents through business continuity planning

As part of the registration, please select a zone that aligns with your interests and objectives.

Event Highlights
Future of Security, Sydney 2023
20 Speakers
16 Sponsors
Richard Johnson
Chris Mohan
David Gee
Macquarie Group
Simon Brown
Grae Meyer-Gleaves
Hollard Insurance
Alex Hope
Independent Speaker
Three Key Technologies are Changing our World, and How to Start Adapting Now
Industry Leaders Panel Discussion - The State of Compliance in 2023 and Beyond
Preventing Cyber Attacks Panel Discussion
Detecting Cyber Threats Panel Discussion
Finding Tony Abbott’s Passport Number Online and Inadvertently Entering the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge
Principal, Threat Research and Intelligence
Global Head Cyber, Technology and Data Risk (former)
Macquarie Group
Head of Cyber Strategy and Advice
Hollard Insurance
Australia's Only Hacker
Independent Speaker
Chief Information Security Officer
AUB Group
Assistant Director-General - Global Powers and Cyber Crime
Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Signals Directorate
Chief Security Officer - APAC
Head of Digital Customer Experience and Innovation
NGM Group
Head of Cyber Advisory and Application Security
Tyro Payments
Principal Security Architecture and Delivery
Master of Ceremonies
Red Sift
Vice President and General Manager APAC
Regional Vice President of APAC Solutions & Professional Services, Digital Security Solutions
Field Chief Technology Officer
Senior Director, Technical Sales
Proofpoint APJ
Account Director
Thales Group

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

Three key technologies are changing our world, and how to start adapting now.

  • Now – Deepfakes
  • Soon – Generative AI
  • Later – Quantum Computing

It is no secret that Australian industry continues to suffer from serious data incidents and breaches that put many leading organisations in the new headlines for the wrong reason. While we can hope that our business is not the next one, there are simple lessons to be learned from the failure of others. During this presentation, Gorge Kokinakos, Account Director for Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing (CPL), will share insights into how FSI organisations have kept their data secure as they transitioned to a cloud first or cloud only information technology framework.

  • Exploring what the financial services sector can learn from Telstra’s ‘Cleaner Pipes’ initiative
  • Focusing on what you’re good at: strategies for making your customers’ digital experience as safe as possible
  • Assessing the most significant trend in the cyber security landscape: the industrialisation of cyber crime

The session will discuss the importance of not overloading security analysts with alerts, what is a sensible number of alerts per analyst per day, and how we leverage technology to achieve this.

Developing threat-centric and outcome-driven cyber security roadmap

  • Understanding the interested parties, attack surfaces, gaps in your control posture and what matters to your business 
  • Prioritising threat consequences from the outset of roadmap building, especially if your main challenges are time and complexity when responding to threats  
  • Leveraging "stop the bleed" principle when uplifting or introducing new capabilities and quantifying the outstanding risks with a clear mitigation plan
  • Assessing the future of security for Australia’s Financial Services Industry
  • Data security, governance and privacy in a data-centric world - improving information protection tools to improve trust with stakeholders and enhance cyber resilience
  • Utilising technology to govern and protect data within the constraints of compliance
  • Understanding the post-AI recruitment landscape
  • Acquiring talent through hiring for qualities like creativity and problem-solving
  • Utilising novel strategies to protect your future data
  • Mapping Cyber Threats: Global cyber security threats and insights
  • Unmasking the Adversaries: Threat actors targeting financial services in Australia
  • Deconstructing a Threat: Using context to drive threat detection
  • Establishing a proactive post-quantum security framework that secures your data
  • Evolving beyond enterprise cyber defenses like public key technology
  • Become cyber resilient by protecting your cloud-based networks through encryption
  • Securing your enterprise through preventative IAM measures
  • Understanding the supplier fraud challenges in financial services
  • How to detect and prevent supplier fraud including how to get visibility into the risk posed by your suppliers
  • Best practices of combating supplier impersonation and account compromise
  • Detecting cybercrime in a landscape of rapidly changing threats      
  • Improving investment in cyber security through heightened board engagement   
  • Strengthening your security strategy to better detect and respond to threats  
  • Creating a cyber-safe culture in your organisation through security awareness and continuous improvement
  • I found Tony Abbott’s passport number in the HTML of Qantas’ “manage booking” page while doing highly normal and legal things
  • Wanting to do the right thing, I spent the next six months contacting the government, participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020
  • Anyone thinking about participating in the 2023 challenge, my #1 tip is: do not commit a crime.

Please note that delegate attendance is complimentary for the financial services industry only.

Paid tickets are available for service providers to the industry (e.g., solution providers to the banking, insurance & wealth management industry) at the discretion of FST Media. For more information on vendor fees, please contact fsisales@fst.net.au or +61 2 8484 0918.

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