7th Annual FST Government Queensland Summit

16 March 2023

Sofitel Brisbane Central

The Queensland Government Transforming Its Digital Economy.  

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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

The Queensland Government Transforming Its Digital Economy.



The Queensland Government is accelerating its transformation journey toward a thriving and inclusive digital economy, with an additional $142 million added towards building an innovative, future-focused economy.

With this future-focused economy in mind, Queensland aims to lead the way in digital innovation with increased spending on cybersecurity initiatives and a heightened focus on connectivity, cross-sector collaboration, transparency, streamlined procurement, cultivating capabilities, and improving citizen outcomes.

As Queensland ignites its digital revolution, join us at the 2023 Queensland FST Government Summit. We will bring together 200+ esteemed thought leaders, technologists and peers to explore the Queensland Government’s digital innovation pipeline, its pledge to transform government services, and how it will play into Queensland’s aims to lead the way in digital innovation. 


Date: Thursday, the 16th of March 2023

Location: Sofitel, Brisbane Central


We will explore the following:

  • Queensland’s digital transformation and investment into skills, jobs, connectivity, technological innovation, and services advancement
  • Remaining competitive in the current labour market
  • Utilising tech capabilities to enhance citizen services and responses for citizens
  • Operational transformation strategies to streamline and strive for the delivery of ‘digital by default’.
  • The enhancement of whole-of-government cybersecurity processes to safeguard sensitive data and vital ICT systems
  • Data governance and adaptive cybersecurity with the onset of open data
  • Improving cross-sector collaboration, information sharing, and procurement processes
  • Maximising productivity with limited resources 
Event Information
16 March 2023 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Former A/Director, Digital Health
Department of Health and Human Services
A/Executive Director, Workforce Futures and Inclusion
Public Service Commisison
Chair and Director of UQ Cyber Security
The University of Queensland
Chief Information Security Officer
WorkCover Queensland
Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner
Associate Professor of Management
The University of Queensland

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Empowering Queensland: Paving the Way for a Responsive and Thriving Digital Government

  • Access to Digital Skills: How can government agencies improve their value proposition to remain competitive in today's labour market whilst driving opportunities for digital economy and employment?
  • What steps are you taking to improve connectivity and ensure that digital services are accessible, available, and inclusive to all Queenslanders, regardless of ability or location?
  • How can government agencies break down silos within the organisation and across sectors to foster a more collaborative culture of innovation and digital transformation?
  • With limited resources and funding, how can you clearly demonstrate the value of your investments, prioritise projects, and maximise productivity?


The Future Is Data-Driven: Accelerating Innovation and Citizen Outcomes With Data on Your Side

  • What role do we have in fulfilling Queensland’s Open Data Strategy 2020-2024 to assist public and private organisations to better serve customers and communities?
  • What are your top tips for leveraging data and predictive analytics to improve citizen services and proactively anticipate the need for new ones?
  • How can agencies foster a data culture and equip staff with insights and skills for better decision-making?
  • Which key information capabilities will maximise the integration, coordination, and sharing of data?


From Reactive to Proactive: Staying Ahead of the Cyber Threat Curve

  • How are you addressing the cyber skills gap and improving cyber-risk training from the board down?
  • What does a mature assessment of cyber risk look like within the context of true business impact, reputation, and disruption of citizen services?
  • What are some barriers to sharing information between the government and the private sector regarding cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and what can be done to overcome them?
  • How crucial is a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with WoQG guidance for mitigating cyber risks, improving information sharing, and incident response capabilities?
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