Banking Summit, Sydney 2022

4 May 2022 9:00 am - 7:10 pm

Doltone House Hyde Park
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

FST Media’s Banking Summit is designed to connect senior leaders at the forefront of financial services innovation and provide unrivalled opportunities for industry leaders to participate in in-depth discussions and interact with their peers, gaining real and actionable insights.

This by-invitation-only event will bring together a selected number of Chiefs, General Managers and Divisional Heads at Australia’s largest banks and financial services organisations to exchange thought leadership on industry trends and emerging technologies that will change the face of the industry in the years to come.

Our unique format intends to nourish face-to-face engagement and communication, with keynote and panel speaking sessions held alongside roundtable breakouts to create an environment conducive to comprehensive discussions around industry updates, best practice case studies, and the implementation and execution of strategies.

Peer-to-peer discussions complement our thought leadership at our Summit Events by enabling deeper and richer discussions on specific industry insights, seen on stage.

Featured Topics:

  • Open Banking
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Customer Experience
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Open APIs
  • + more
Chief Technology Officer
General Manager Program Delivery
Commonwealth Bank
General Manager in Human Resources
Commonwealth Bank
General Manager, Group Operations (Global)
Head of Customer Solutions, Transaction Banking
Head of Customer Service & Operations, BaaS
Head of Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management Office
Commonwealth Bank
Head of Workflow and Integration Services, Grouptech
Chief People Officer
Police Bank
EGM, Strategy & Transformation
Chief Technology and Execution Officer
Avenue Bank
Head of Digital Customer Experience and Innovation
NGM Group
Former Head of Finance
Senior Engineering Manager & DevOps Tribe Lead
Commonwealth Bank
Regional Vice President, Australia and New Zealand
Solution Engineering Director, Australia & NZ
Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Vectra AI
Founder and Chief Catalyst
Sr. Regional Director ANZ
Sales Director, ANZ
Thought Machine
Regional Sales Director
Head of Industries, ANZ
Director of Product Marketing, APAC
Senior Director, APAC Sales
Senior Vice President - APAC
Vice President and General Manager
Smart Communications
General Manager
Regional Director for Australia & NZ
  • ANZ is adopting modern building block - cloud, data, automation - to drive fundamentally new market offerings like ANZ Plus
  • Technology drives our customer Propositions, establishes Platforms, connects Partners and fundamentally shapes the Purpose of our people.
  • All the technology is available off the shelf.  The hard part though is how you apply it

Hear how FSI organisations in Australia are boosting user productivity, unlocking efficiency and increasing effectiveness through leveraging digital adoption in this fireside chat with Clarence Dent from Walkme and Ashok Vishwanathan, Head of Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management Office at CBA.

Click on the "Roundtable Discussions" tab to view the topics

Click on the "Roundtable Discussions" tab to view the topics

  • In this competitive job market, how are you positioning yourself to attract and retain employees?
  • Has the hybrid model been a stop-gap solution or is it here to stay?
  • What advantages and disadvantages will remote workers have, and how will that translate to your organisation?
  • What are the lessons from mixed working setups in an organisation?
  • How will leaders balance their team management with flexible working schedules?

Tym Lawrence, the Solution Engineering Director at TIBCO, will review the key value drivers in the digital banking ecosystem and then dive into the modern technologies you need to deliver an agile data fabric to intelligently deliver data with better access, trust and control. This would include using MDM to manage your master, reference and metadata, data virtualization to consolidate data from any source, and data quality tools to ensure data accuracy & validity. Finally, Tym will cover how to better leverage your AI investments and deploy models at scale to take advantage of the unified data fabric.

Click on the "Roundtable Discussions" tab to view the topics

Click on the "Roundtable Discussions" tab to view the topics

  • Insights into the the Delivery Process – the approach for enabling engagement and change across the business
  • The challenges of transformation and how these were overcome 
  • The importance of reflection, iteration and continuous improvement


  • Intelligent Automations to accelerate transformation
  • Westpac’s Journey
  • Supporting customers in times of need
  • Key lessons to scale

Brian Hartzer, former Westpac Group CEO and ANZ CEO joins us for a casual chat about leadership in a reshaped world, the banking landscape and back to work strategies. 

  •  How will reducing time-to-market help organisations capitalise on new customer insights effectively?
  • How are Neobanks, Fintechs, BNPL players and non-banks shaping customer behaviour changes towards payments and traditional banking model(s)?
  • What will CX success look like in the next five years?
  • How can you simplify complexity, both for the organisation and the customer?
  • How do you access the information you need, when you need it to best serve customers?
  • How is your organisation operating from a common/single view of information across the business?
  • How are your current system supporting your business transformation goals?
  • How are you effectively scaling your DevOps adoption across hundreds of product teams
  • With scale, How are you able to achieve real-time visibility, governance and compliance across teams in a simplified manner?
  • Are you able to drive continuous improvement based on AI-driven insights and feedback loops for all stakeholders?
  • How are you managing effective  control on the shared responsibility model for public cloud with assured compliance to regulations / best practices


  • Leveraging AI and automated intelligence to anticipate and meet security needs
  • How and where does Human Intelligence fit into this AI/ML model?
  • Why organizations need to bolster their security – bypassing Captcha, brute force and phishing attacks using ML.
  • Advantages of ML in security - fraud detection, attack response and forensics
  • Challenges of this shift – implementation, training, regulation
  • What are the routes to success for neo-banks and how can traditional banks respond?
  • Will we see a consolidation in the market? Will digital banks team up with traditional retail banks or will they remain in competition?
  • What impact will the increased scrutiny on BNPL have on the growth and strategy of neo-banks and the industry as a whole?
  • What can traditional banks and neo banks learn from one another?
  • How are you synchronising your enterprise?
  • What is your organisation doing to increase resilience in its operations?
  • How is your organisation driving business innovation?
  • How are you approaching security in the cloud today?
  • How is your organisation fostering new talent and new ways of working?
  • Would changing the way we pay for technology open up opportunities for your organisation? 

Let’s discuss how to win this competitive talent battle where:

  • Attrition in the industry is around 20-30% in the tech industry
  • Attracting and retaining top talent is now the number one priority for organizations everywhere
  • 72% of IT workers are planning on quitting their jobs this year
  • The number of developers applying for open positions has decreased by 18%
  • 95% cite career development as the primary reason for shifting jobs
  • Shifting technology priorities and investment in digital communications during COVID
  • Overcoming the impact of legacy technology on slowing down digital-first communications 
  • Cloud as an enabler to digital-first customer engagement strategies
  • Enterprise solutions vs point solutions, why and why not?


  • Learn how financial Services organisations around the globe are using 5G to supercharge their customer offerings
  • Discover how 5G Wireless WAN enables financial organisations to improve reliability and services, extend reach, and modernise business operations
  • Develop a Wireless WAN Roadmap

Presented by Cradlepoint

  • Transforming security operations; democratising real-time information to enable real-time risk assessment  
  • AI and Machine Learning for Security Operations and Risk Management strategies in the real-time World
  • How do you drive user adoption of new and existing applications to de-risk your technology investments and ensure return on value?
  • Assess the risks from limited adoption of technology investments
  • Evaluate the financial impact of successful digital adoption
  • Why adoption matters to project delivery and outcomes
  • So, how can we build intelligent applications to extract value from our data faster to drive business agility and customer experience?
  • How can we leverage technology to contextualise data in real-time to uncover new business opportunities?
  • How can we venture into the world of predictive analysis using AI/ML and behaviour analytics to learn from the wealth of data at our fingertips?
  • How to identify and balance company and employee needs
  • Implementing practical approaches to drive employee engagement
  • Making the work environment “friction-free” for collaboration
  • The role of technology in collaboration, connection and cooperation

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To participate as a speaker:
Aron Kunaseelan
Chief Operating Officer
T: +61 423 631 461
For sponsorship enquiries:
Brigitte Guerin
Commercial Director
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