Future of Queensland Government Summit 2024

The Premier Forum for QLD's Digital Innovation Roadmap
27 March 2024 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

The FSTGov Future of Queensland Government Summit 2024 returns for its 8th Annual Edition, an exclusive gathering on the 27th of March which unites over 120 executives, thought leaders, and technologists to explore Queensland’s digital innovation roadmap.

As Queensland continues its journey towards a thriving digital future, its commitment to innovation remains steadfast.

This year, the Queensland Government is poised to expand digital initiatives underpinned by a new Machinery of Government, maintaining a razor-sharp focus on pivotal areas including connectivity, cross-sector collaboration, transparency, streamlined procurement, capacity building, and delivery of government services.

By engaging in dynamic roundtable and stage discussions on how to redefine government services and sharing cutting-edge transformation strategies for the State, FSTGov Future of Queensland Government Summit 2024 will:

  • Explore sustained investments in digital skills, enhanced connectivity, First Nations, technological breakthroughs, and service advancements.
  • Discover strategies to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring landscape.
  • Uncover how technology can empower us to provide superior services and more responsive solutions for citizens.
  • Embrace strategies that streamline government operations and foster a “digital by default” ethos.
  • Strengthen the State’s resolve to safeguard sensitive data and critical Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems.
  • Navigate the open data landscape while maintaining stringent data governance and cyber security protocols.
  • Enhance collaboration, streamline information sharing and optimise procurement processes to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Explore innovative strategies to achieve more with limited resources and budgets.


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Lead Mentor
She Codes Australia
Queensland Government Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy
A/ Chief Digital Officer
Residential Tenancies Authority
Founder & Managing Director
ID Care
Chief Information Security Officer
WorkCover Queensland
Chair & Director - Cyber Security
The University of Queensland
Founding Director
Griffith Data Trust
Chief Digital and Information Officer
Queensland Building and Construction Commission
Chief Information and Digital Officer
Townsville City Council

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Empowering At-Risk Populations through Digital Identity: Unveiling Opportunities and Benefits

  • Australia's Digital Identity Journey: Explore the nation's trajectory, from initial steps to its current standing in harnessing digital identity.
  • Safeguarding Digital Credentials: Examine the critical frameworks and protocols necessary to ensure the secure management of digital credentials. 
  • Collaborative Solutions for Sustainable Digital Identity: Investigate the synergy between governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, and technology providers in developing sustainable digital identity solutions. 


Transforming Queensland: Advancing Together in the Digital Age 

  • Fostering Collaboration Across Diverse Sectors: Explore innovative strategies for breaking down silos and driving cross-sector collaboration to foster innovation and create a unified digital landscape.
  • Demonstrating the Value of Digital Investments: Discover effective methods to showcase the value of your digital initiatives and gain insights into transparent reporting practices that build public awareness and trust, ensuring your investments yield tangible benefits.
  • Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility: Explore best practices for creating digital services that are accessible, available, and inclusive for every Queenslander, regardless of their abilities or location. 


Our peer to peer roundtable discussions enable you to engage with other attendees as they rotate from table to table.

Each discussion features one of 12 distinct topics and is hosted by a technology expert together with a government co-host to drive an engaging conversation amongst the participants.

This year's top themes span across Digital Leadership, Organisational Transformation, IT Capabilities, Service Delivery, Cyber Uplift, Advanced Data & Analytics, and more.

Delivering Value for Government with the World's Largest Security Cloud

  • The Cloud Effect - learnings from the world's largest security cloud
  • Security transformation underpins and accelerates Business Transformation
  • Delivering Value for Government


Beyond Compliance: Building a Culture of Cyber Security Excellence

  • Empowering Engagement: Encourage proactive employee involvement in cyber security practices by fostering awareness, education, and a strong sense of responsibility. Building a resilient human firewall within the organisation strengthens the overall security posture.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: Cultivate a culture of cyber security excellence through robust collaboration between government agencies and industry leaders. Establish dedicated entities for incident reporting, implement clear cyber security timelines, and explore innovative investigation boards.
  • Embrace Inclusion: By integrating diversity into the cyber security framework, organizations can leverage a rich tapestry of insights to address evolving threats and challenges effectively.


AI Proof of Concept: Navigating Complexity, Unlocking Potential

  • Optimized Operations: Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational costs through intelligent automation.
  • Strategic AI Envisioning: Tailor solutions to identify and capitalize on specific business opportunities.
  • Proactive Predictive Analytics: Empowering proactive decision-making with accurate predictions.
  • Customer Engagement: Personalize customer experiences, boost satisfaction, and drive loyalty by understanding customer preferences, behaviours, and needs. 


From Legislation to Leadership: Mastering Data Compliance in Queensland

  • Strategies for Seamless Compliance: Explore effective strategies for adhering to Queensland's data breach legislation, focusing on building robust frameworks for data assessment, containment, and mitigation.
  • Leadership in Data Governance: Delve into the role of leadership in fostering a culture of data compliance and the importance of clear roles and responsibilities, along with comprehensive training programs, to empower staff with the necessary skills for effective data management.
  • Innovative Solutions for Future Challenges: Gain insights into emerging technologies and practices that can enhance data security while promoting transparency and accountability within the public sector.


Cyber Security Awareness in Regional & First Nations Communities

  • Understanding Unique Challenges: Explore specific hurdles faced by regional and First Nations communities. Discuss cultural, infrastructural, and educational barriers impacting cyber security practices.
  • Tailored Strategies for Empowerment: Delve into specialized strategies to enhance cyber security awareness. Address the role of education, technology, policy, and community engagement in bolstering cyber security measures.
  • Community-Driven Empowerment: Highlight community-centric approaches and initiatives promoting cyber security awareness. 


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