15th Annual

Future of Financial Services, Melbourne 2024

Tech Revolution: Accelerating Financial Services Innovation through Data and AI Leadership
1 August 2024 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

Bringing together an unparalleled gathering of executives in financial services and digital leadership, The Future of Financial Services Conference, Melbourne is poised to exceed all expectations. Join a group of 500+ industry professionals, 35+ speakers, and 20+ technology partners and delve into pivotal trends and cutting-edge topics spanning technology, innovation, digitalisation, and strategy.

Key Sub-Themes on the day:

  • Sustainable Action and Measurement
  • Rapid Transformation and Agile Adaptation
  • Organisational Resilience and Tech Architecture
  • Responsible AI Adoption and Policy Insights
  • Cross-Border Innovation and Payments Revolution

2023 Advisory Board Members:

  • Andrew Cresp, Chief Information Officer, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
  • Bhaskar Katta, General Manager, Group Operations (Global), Westpac
  • Idris Shamsi, Chief Information Officer, RACV
  • Scott Wall, Chief Transformation Officer, Bank Australia
  • Rakesh Padmanabhan, Head of Technology: Intelligent Automation, ANZ
  • David Lochrie, Senior Executive Enterprise Digital, Medibank
  • Craig Rowlands, General Manager Enterprise Data, Australian Unity
  • Shannon Barnes, Digital Marketing & Operations, Aware Super
  • David Earls, Executive General Manager Enterprise Service, Technology, IAG
  • Leon Hagopian, Australia Credit Suisse Integration Lead, Group Integration Office, UBS
Director of Policy & Governance @ UTS Human Technology Institute
Australian Government’s AI Expert Group | NSW AI Review Committee et al.
Chief Information Officer
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Deputy Chief Economist
Executive GM Digital
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Defence Bank
General Manager, High Value and International Payments
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Chief Marketing Officer
Athena Home Loans
Chief Technology Officer
Judo Bank
Chief Operating Officer
General Manager Enterprise Data
Australian Unity
Chief Operating Officer
Aioi Nissay Dowa NZ
Aioi Nissay Dowa New Zealand
General Manager Data and Analytics
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Country Head, Product Management, Global Payments Solutions
Head of Data Governance
Australian Unity
Head of AI and Machine Learning
Australian Unity
Head of Data and AI Product
Judo Bank
Vice President and General Manager
Smart Communications
Director, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance & FinTech
Head of Financial Services Sales - APAC

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

  • Analysing trends and potential shifts in inflation and unemployment 
  • Vulnerabilities in the economy - how it will affect the housing prices and investment strategies 
  • How tech is impacting the economic environment – through the sharemarket impact, geopolitics and productivity growth 
  • Judo's Transformation Journey: From start-up to scaling personal relationships using data, insights, AI, and other platforms for seamless multi-channel engagement.
  • Industry-Wide Digital Innovation: Insights on how digital innovation, in partnership with Thoughtworks, is advancing relationship banking in business and retail segments.
  • Emerging Trends & Tools: Technologies revolutionizing banking (AI, automated processing, data analytics), enhancing bankers' roles, and streamlining operations for improved efficiency and customer experience. 
  • Importance of cross-border payments to Australia – Explore Australia's pivotal role in enhancing cross-border payments to help fostering seamless transactions in an increasingly global economy 
  • The international perspective – how has the G20 Roadmap and IS020022 helped drive enhancement to cross border payments now, and what can we expect in the future    
  • Ensuring safety and security in the new frontier – how can technology solutions help maintain and enhance the safety as we move towards faster cross-border payments
  • Unlocking Sustainable Growth: Overcoming Legacy Challenges and transitioning towards a vision of "Cloud First" for agility and efficiency 
  • Revolutionising Communication: The SmartCOMM Solution 
  • Transforming Customer Experience: Deliverables and Impact
  • Visionary Leadership: Explore case studies showcasing the importance of visionary leadership in guiding teams through rapid change, emphasising the role of vision, purpose, and values in aligning organisational efforts 
  • Agile Adaptation Strategies: Learn from real-world examples of agile adaptation strategies employed by leading financial institutions to swiftly respond to market dynamics, regulatory changes, and technological advancements 
  • Cultivating Resilient Cultures: Examine how organisational cultures play a pivotal role in shaping responses to rapid change, with a focus on fostering resilience, innovation, and collaboration within FSI and educational settings 
  • Safety Testing Standards: Implementing mandatory guardrails for rigorous pre- and post-release testing to ensure the safety and reliability of AI products. 
  • Policy Insights from EU: Drawing on learnings from EU AI act to inform the establishment of comprehensive regulatory frameworks. 
  • Global Harmonisation Efforts: Aligning Australia's AI regulations with international standards to foster consistency and collaboration in responsible AI adoption programs 
  • AI in Modernisation: FSI leaders discuss the pivotal role of AI in modernisation strategies. 
  • Responsible Tech for Sustainability: Exploring the integration of responsible and green technology into sustainability initiatives, aligning business objectives with environmental and social impact goals. 
  • Addressing Talent Shortages: Share strategies for addressing talent shortages in the industry, including upskilling initiatives, talent acquisition tactics, and fostering a culture of innovation to attract top talent. 
  • Disrupting Payments: Unveil Australia's efforts in enhancing infrastructure resilience, implementing government-led reforms, and collaborating on global standardisation to drive efficiency and transparency in cross-border transactions. 



Streams Start

Stream A - Future of Customer Success
Enhancing Digital Experiences through Customer Journey Management
  • Architecting Seamless Channels: Explore strategies for designing and optimising digital channels to ensure a cohesive and user-friendly customer journey
  • DevOps Integration: Understand the role of DevOps in facilitating continuous improvement and innovation to enhance the digital experience for customers
  • Leveraging Data for Optimisation: Learn how analysing journey data and customer feedback can identify CX failures and optimsation opportunities to improve underperforming journeys
Relationship banking in a digital environment – Lessons from the ‘70s
  • What constitutes a customer’s relationship with a bank?
  • How can this be delivered digitally?
  • Leveraging new technologies
Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Defence Bank
Pioneering Digital Transformation: Shaping Tomorrow's Organisation
  • Understanding Foundational Platform Capabilities: Delve into the core aspects of your digital platform to ensure a robust foundation for future innovation and growth
  • Developing End-to-End Solutions: Explore the creation of comprehensive solutions that cater to customer needs while driving business success across all aspects of operations
  • Empowering with Next-Gen Virtual Assistants: Harness the potential of advanced virtual assistants to streamline administrative tasks, empowering employees to focus on solving real problems and delivering exceptional customer experiences


Panel Discussion: Maximising Customer Success Through Enhanced CX
  • Personalisation Strategies: Exploring methods for tailoring financial services to individual customer needs and preferences, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty
  • Leveraging Customer Analytics: Utilising customer analytics to gain insights into behavior and preferences, enabling targeted marketing and proactive service offerings.
  • Educating Through Simplification: Discussing approaches to simplify complex financial information and provide bite-sized educational content to empower customers with essential knowledge for informed decision-making
Executive GM Digital
Chief Marketing Officer
Athena Home Loans
Chairperson's Closing Remarks
Master of Ceremonies
Stream B
Accelerating AI Experimentation with Sandbox Environments
  • Maximising AI Program Velocity: Leveraging sandbox-style environments to achieve rapid experimentation and iteration in AI initiatives
  • Selecting the Right AI Vendor: Strategies for choosing the most suitable AI vendor for your organisation’s needs, considering factors such as compatibility, scalability, and performance
  • Case Study Illustration: Examining sandbox-style AI experimentation platforms, highlighting their functionalities and advantages for AI development
Australian Unity Panel - The Governance and Safe Deployment of GenAI models
  • Australian Unity’s GenAI journey
  • The Role Data Governance Guardrails Play
  • Beyond the hype what benefits have we realised and what’s next for us
General Manager Enterprise Data
Australian Unity
Head of Data Governance
Australian Unity
Head of AI and Machine Learning
Australian Unity
Advancing Data Strategy: Cultivating Culture, Automation, and Compliance
  • Fostering Data Culture: Strategies for embedding a data-driven mindset throughout the organisation to enhance decision-making and performance.
  • Automating Decision Making: Exploring the integration of automation and self-service capabilities to streamline decision-making processes and empower stakeholders
  • Compliance and Implications: Addressing the implications of automated decision-making, data sharing frameworks, and compliance requirements within a maturing data strategy
Panel Discussion: Empowering Teams: Self-Service AI and Analytics Discussion
  • Democratising Data Access: Exploring strategies for democratising data access and fostering self-service capabilities to empower teams across the organisation.
  • Enabling Self-Service Advanced AI: Discussing approaches to empower teams with self-service capabilities for accessing and utilising advanced AI tools and analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making and innovation.
  • Establishing AI Advisory Teams: Highlighting the importance of establishing AI advisory teams within organisations to provide guidance and support for effective implementation and utilisation of AI for knowledge workers
Director of Policy & Governance @ UTS Human Technology Institute
Australian Government’s AI Expert Group | NSW AI Review Committee et al.
General Manager Data and Analytics
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Chief Technology Officer
Head of Data and AI Product
Judo Bank
Head of Financial Services Sales - APAC
Chairperson's Closing Remarks
Director, Master of Financial Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
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